Bulletin board

We will not have on the walls of the board

The teacher said we wouldn't have the wall on the walls now. That's a shame. After all, we always find all the important information on them and even who has the service. The teacher also gave compliments and black dots. It's just that our boards hide quite a lot when they are where they're supposed to be.

The boards are now in reconstruction. But what does this mean in practice? That the old ones were fired right after painting the classes and new ones have not arrived from the order shop. The children are a little annoed, and the class is terribly empty and sad without them.
Children's work exhibition

Hurrah, new boards have just arrived! Several of them are brand new and completely different, because they are designed for displaying children's drawings and works. The artistic work of our pupils-let everyone see what are the handy children in our class.

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